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Memoir 44 - exchanging the miniatures

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Exchanging the miniatures at Memoir 44


When I got this game I was very pleased by the nice artwork of the maps and overlays. I also like this gamesystem with this commandcards. The game runs quick and it is good for sologaming!

What I didn´t like were the miniatures of the infantrymen. All the same and not very well sculptured.

With my old 1:72 airfixfigures I started to change the figures and soon was looking at the local modelling-shop for other sets.

I now wanted to have always the realistic figures at hand.

In the meantime I have bought about 20 sets! Had some problems with this "Desert-Italiens". But found that "Waterloo 1815" have them.

Still looking for Finns!



This is Scenario 1  "Pegasus Bridge"





The Gazala Line


Figures are (Revell 02507)  British 8 th Armee, German Afrikacorps (Revell 02505)

and Italian Infantry (AP 007) from Waterloo 1815. Its a rather big scenario!







Strong british defenceline with tankunits in reserve.




 Italien infantry have to get through the wires and the minefields!




 Here comes the german Afrikakorps out of the desert!



Situation at the end of the scenario. A Axis victory but with heavy losses nearly whole german force eleminated!




Attack on the Seelower Höhen (18th - 21th of April  1945








A lot of russians awaiting orders to cross the oder river!





Counterattack!  German committing his armoured reserves!







Even the german "Volkssturm" get out of the village and drives a russian guard unit back!




 The end of the game. A soviet victory!




Der Reichstag  -   the Last Battle 29th May 1945






The defender of the Reichstag Berlin 1945 -  russians closing in.





"Führer" have a look at his last men at his bunker.

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