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BKC:  The Relief of Vilnyus - the Game!

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 The Relief of Vilnyus       July 15th  1944








Turn 1 Germans



The very first roll was a blunder!!! So GD´s Panthers didn´t enter the bord! All other HQs and CO with 2 orders.

Elements of the 6. Recce crossed even the left bridge building a little bridgehead.  





Russian Gameturn 1


First russian reinforcements arrived. 1. Tankbattalion of the 98. Tankbrigade and got 4 orders. The T 34/85 and T 34/76 racing in and when opening fire at the german Jagdpanzer IV ahead of the columns. One got 12 hits and luckly survived this! The other not so lucky so first tanks burning. Also a heavy truck with combatengineers was eleminated.

The HQ of the reconbattalion got no orders.

But the CO commanded the tanks. So their T-34 company went ahead and killed a 251/9 and 1 halftracks of 114. PzG.




German Turn 2



FAO got one request through and the 150 mm howitzers fired in direction of the little village where russian were concentrating his infantry. But the fire had bad deviation and hit nothing!Panthers just made it in. But only 1 order! Only 16.Para got two orders and could disembark  and fire at the russian motorcyclers killing one platoon and supressing 2 other. At all rather bad result!






Russian Turn 2



Things going more than bad for the germans. Russian FAO could commit the Katyushas and the fire came good just hitting the PzG and whiping nearly all out. Also Combatengineers got hit and all killed or supressed and when finished by the T-34s who also killed the second JagdpanzerIV  and one Panther und supressed two other Panthers.

When CO got 5!!!! commands out with the JS-II and 2 companies of 16. Para got atomised by them. Germans had luck that this tanks could not see the Panthers!


But with only 1!!( 1 infantryunit)  loss the russians killed now 26!! german units so that the germans  nearly reached the breakpoint of 28!












Germans Turn 3


Never give up if you play BKC! With all this Panthers and the 6 artilleryunits  I decided to play on.

I brought the german recce in position and got contact with the CO.

The FAO  tried to commit the heavy artillery but failed. When rolled for the HQ in command auf the heavy weapon company of the 16. Paras and I rolled a blunder again! When rolled a two and the next three units got under friendly fire and all three supressed.

Now I nearly reached my personal breakdown level!


Next roll was for the german CO who commanded now the Panthers. A six and the Panthers had a go. Only 4 could fire, two had to move to sight the enemy, two still supressed and one already destroyed. I fired one Panther against one T-34 to at least supress so many as possible. All 4 were supressed, and when I rolled a dopple-one! Luck seems to have switched the side. Now the first T-34 started burning and after at all 5 orders! 7 T-34 units were eleminated and further two supressed of at all 15 units!









Russian Turn 3


Russians recceunit couldn´t established contact to a HQ.

But when the FAO succeeded again in calling in the Katyushas! Though I rolled the deviation for every Katyusha seperat, the fire came again in very well and swept the SS Paras down from the Panthers and killed 4 paraunits.






German Turn 4


German than failed the  -3 roll and breaks.


Russian FAO shurely got "Hero of the Sovietunion" and a few big medals!


Hope you like the report though I didn´t like the result of the game!



The Historical Outcome



By the way - it took me a while to find out the real result of this operation. 


The reliefforce was never seen at Vilnyus!


Some of the garrison managed a breakout in the night but most were killed or captured.




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